City Winery launches reusable wine bottle program in St. Louis

City Winery launches reusable wine bottle program in St. Louis

St. Louis’ newest drinking venue is wasting no time in fulfilling its mission to become the most environmentally efficient winery in the world. And if you have not been to City Winery, located in the City Foundry STL, let me also say, this is not a wine bar. It’s an urban winery.

Growlers for wine

City Winery opened just last month, but this week has announced a new program called Re-Wine, which focuses on reusable wine bottles. Think of growlers for beer, just filled with vino. Customers will now too be able to take wine-to-go, return the bottle to be washed and sanitized, and then receive a $5 credit towards their next bottle.

Since first opening in 2008, City Winery has developed a unique network of winemaking with distribution in stainless steel kegs and into tap bars for direct sale to consumers by the glass. With the growler exchange program, City Winery is able to offer customers an on-the-go bottle of wine and eliminate the burning energy of shipping heavy glass bottles and corks.

“While we continue to build the brand we are always looking to where we can be making a difference and expanding the growler exchange program does just that,” said Michael Dorf, City Winery Founder and CEO. “More customers will now be able to enjoy wine at home or off-premise anywhere knowing they are enjoying delicious wine in the most environmentally sensitive manner possible.”

Growlers can be filled with nine varieties of wine including Pinot Noir, Sauvignon Blanc and Riesling in a 750ml bottle. City Winery Grand Central Terminal also offers a 375ml to-go bottle.

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