1220 Spirits is making some big changes and releasing new flavors

1220 Spirits is making some big changes and releasing new flavors

In case you haven’t noticed the world of canned cocktails continues to explode in popularity. Technically known as “Ready To Drink Cocktails” you can now find multiple brands, both locally and nationally on store shelves and at your local bar. St. Louis’ 4 Hands Brewing Company was among the first to put out cans when it launched 1220 Spirits in 2018. Now, the botanically-inspired craft distillery looking to stay competitive this market by announcing a complete brand refresh and reformulation for their popular line of ready-to-drink canned cocktails.

1220 Spirits is putting a renewed focus on flavor and have reworked its recipes to include real fruit juice in each beverage as well as lower carb and calorie counts while still delivering bolder, fruitier, fuller flavors.

“When we entered the canned cocktail space, we were one of the first to market, but as a brand evolves, you need to make changes along the way,” said Kevin Lemp, 4 Hands Brewing Company and 1220 Spirits founder. “We’re extremely excited about the rebrand and updated recipes in order to bring a more light and airy branding to match the feeling of the cocktails contributed by real fruit and real sugar.”

The rebrand will mean the end of discontinuing of one current flavor, Cucumber Hibiscus and the additionof two new cocktails to the portfolio.

“I anticipate that Pineapple Punch and Watermelon Smash will become two of our top three brands,” said Lemp.

New flavors

Opening with bright and vibrant tropical fruit aromas, Pineapple Punch boasts both sweet and tangy notes provided by real pineapple juice in this super refreshing portable paradise.

Watermelon Smash is a refreshing blend of real watermelon juice and our Encrypted Vodka resulting in a sweet, juicy cocktail that transports you to your best summertime memories.

Both new cocktails will contain 5.5% ABV per can.

“I love the opportunity and the work that goes into creating a wide range of cocktails that fit every occasion. I want to incorporate fresh, fun flavors while still focusing on balance and a crisp, clean finish that begs for another sip,” said Andy Burgio, 1220 Spirits director of innovation. Burgio is responsible for the development of all new 4 Hands and 1220 Spirits releases.

Tasting Party

To introduce the exciting new looks and cocktails, 1220 Spirits will be hosting a series of events not only in the St. Louis area, but across the state of Missouri in the coming months. The entire lineup will debut during Sunday Brunchin’ at The Piper Palm House in Tower Grove Park on Sunday, April 2.

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