Can’t Miss: StilL 630 to debut Rare Release Barrel series

Can’t Miss: StilL 630 to debut Rare Release Barrel series

Do you love whiskey?  Do you REALLY love whiskey?  What does it mean to love whiskey?

To me, loving whiskey is a mashup of loving the juice in your rock glass and wanting to know who was the madman who created this piece of art.

Who.   Made.  This?

The most adventurous whiskey lovers can find themselves standing inside their favorite

store, staring at 20 foot high shelves filled with bottles of all shapes and sizes.  From each bottle a story arises.  The story behind the madman working feverishly somewhere in Kentucky, Tennessee, New York or yes, even here in St. Louis.
One of those madmen is David Weglarz, owner/operator of the St. Louis, Missouri distillery StilL 630.

“I’m interested in the most authentic flavor expressions I can create. ¬†I want to carefully nurture and highlight the flavors that come from their actual sources,” said Weglarz.

From this philosophy springs a new release just in time to ring in the New Year.   December 30th, StilL 630 dispenses its first ever edition of its Rare Release Barrel series.

“The Rare Release Barrel series is an extremely tiny batch release of special, super premium spirits from our experimental lab,” said Weglarz. ¬†“They will be infrequent and very small supply. ¬†Each batch will be bottled in 375ml bottles, perhaps as few as 70 bottles total, maybe as many as 200, depending on the spirit. ¬†I hope to release them once or twice a year.”

Introduced first is the Double Barrel RallyPoint.

12366147_816412718469791_354750035435046421_o“Double Barrel RallyPoint started as our classic RallyPoint Rye Whiskey aging in a 53 gallon oak barrel for well over two years, then 30 precious gallons were set aside to receive special treatment,” said Weglarz. ¬†“The 30 gallons are then split up into¬†two 15 gallon barrels so we’re really releasing two spirits because we kept the barrels separate to highlight their own individual nuances.”

The special treatment?  Eight months of secondary aging in a new charred oak barrel. This double aging in two barrels intensifies the sweet, oaky notes, and the extra time allows the rye and barley flavors to deepen and develop more levels of complexity.   The extremely small batch will be carefully hand-bottled without filtering to preserve as much of the flavor as possible.

“This will also be our first barrel strength release, so in these 375ml bottles, you are getting the truest expression of RallyPoint so far,” said Weglarz.

And at 119.4 proof, you can add a little water or ice and enjoy the spirit even more as the flavors open up.

“I love distilling and the endless possibilities of ingredients and time,” said Weglarz. ¬†“I’ve got dozens of different ingredients and flavors that I’m dying to play with and combine just to see what happens. ¬†The Rare Release Barrel series is my mad scientist lab come to life. ¬†It is me, making spirits that interest me and my palate. ¬†Some of it will be weird, all of it will be interesting. ¬†I’m okay with some people tasting it and saying, ‘Even though it may not be for me, I can still appreciate it,’ because I believe some people will say ‘Holy cow, that’s incredible!'”

Pricing and the number of available bottles of both barrels is still to be determined. ¬†They will be released during the distillery’s “Halfway to 630 Day Party” on Dec 30th,¬†¬†6:30pm-9:30pm.

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