When in doubt, go Stout

What’s in a name?  Well, allow me to borrow from Bill Shakespeare just for a moment. “What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” Now, […]


La Cosecha offers no frills, just tasty coffee

When it comes to coffee, some people just want a hot cup of something in the morning. It doesn’t matter what it is. What are you drinking, exactly? Who knows? Then there are the fanatics […]


New Sunday brunch gets bloody and you’ll be glad

Why do Sunday mornings and Bloody Mary’s go so well together?  Some say, it’s the hair of the dog effect.  The thought that you went a bit too hard on Saturday night and now you […]


What beer goes with a zombie apocalypse?

The clock is ticking to Sunday’s midseason premiere of AMC’s The Walking Dead.  And maybe it’s that I had another Zombie dream last night thanks to my late re-viewing of the first half of this […]


For our East Coast friends,

Alright, you’ve been out shoveling only to see more snow coming down, but remember it’s a marathon – not a sprint. Now you need some more libations to take you through the rest of the blizzard. […]