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Drink 314 has joined forces with to bring you a new weekly feature we’re calling Your STL 6er, which will feature six local or regional beers that we are recommending you try this week.  Chris, Tim and Andrew are all craft beer nuts and present an “everyone’s” opinion on the beers they find and tryout.  We hope you enjoy their reviews.

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Alter_ego_4_handsAlter Ego | 4 Hands Brewing Company

ABV: 5.5%

BREWERY COMMENTS: Alter Ego is a Black IPA brewed with Citra and Zythos hops. Don’t let the color fool you, this isn’t your traditional dark beer. This American IPA is bright and citrusy with a vibrant hop aroma.

drinkMObeer COMMENTS (Tim): Another seasonal beer from 4 Hands I wish was year round. This is a dark beer but sure doesn’t taste like one. Great hop taste up front with almost a roasted malt finish. Definitely one of my favorite Black IPAs out there.

ClydesCreamClyde’s Caramel Cream Ale | Bur Oak Brewing Company

STYLE: Cream Ale
ABV: 5%

BREWERY COMMENTS: An ale that is light and crisp while medium-bodied with a smooth mouthfeel.

drinkMObeer COMMENTS (Andrew): This malt forward liquid treat displays a beautiful copper color matched with good clarity topped with a bright white head and lacing that continues throughout. With a beautiful nose of grainy caramel malt this brew features awesome vanilla notes that cause you to raise this pint to your lips as quickly as humanly possible. Once it arrives to your lips you’re greeted by great caramel maltiness as promised by the scent, as well as delicious vanilla pipe smoke flavor. This malty brew is well balanced and finishes dry and grainy. A great beer for the new beer drinker or the grizzled beer know it all.

IMG_1248Jumping Frog IPA |  Mark Twain Brewing Co.

STYLE: India Pale Ale
ABV: 6.2%
IBU: 85

BREWERY COMMENTS: Our American-Style India Pale Ale is a shining example of a West Coast IPA. Significantly hop-forward, with Cascade and Centennial lending heavy notes of citrus, especially grapefruit. Bitterness is sharp but does not linger, making it well balanced and refreshing.

drinkMObeer COMMENTS (Chris): Leap Day 2016, means an extra beer to enjoy and review. It seems fitting that on Leap Day we review a beer with a frog in the name. Mark Twain Brewing’s Jumping Frog IPA pours a hazy amber with an off white head. The aroma was wonderful, super citrusy, definitely picked up on the grapefruit mentioned in the brewery’s comments. The beer wasn’t as bitter as I was expecting for an IPA with 85 IBUs. Very balanced and smooth drinking for an IPA with 85 IBUs. Prost!

061_FlatBranchAPAFlat Branch APA | Flat Branch Pub & Brewing

STYLE: American Pale Ale
ABV: 5%
IBU: 45

BREWERY COMMENTS: An American style Pale Ale generously hopped with the newer American hop varietal Ahtanum, for that big hop aroma and flavor typical of the style. Ahtanum can have citrus, resin, and fruity flavor notes. The brew is light in color with a medium body, and was fermented with Whitbread English Ale yeast which contributes some fruity esters to the overall flavor profile. Hop bitterness is around 45BU’S, and nicely balanced by the malts. This brew weighs in at 5.0% ABV.

drinkMObeer COMMENTS (Chris): Another selection from our recent trip to Columbia. I was so impressed with APA I had to grab a growler and bring 64 ounces of it home with me. I must say, I’m glad I did, such a tasty and fairly sessionable beer. The APA pours an orangish amber color with an off white head. The aroma was full of citrus and a hint of grass. Taste was full of citrus, lemongrass with a sturdy malt backbone. Finished slightly bitter. One of my favorites from the trip to Flat Branch. Prost!

SnapperSnapper IPA |  Log Boat Brewing Company

STYLE: American IPA
ABV: 7.2%
IBU: 68

BREWERY COMMENTS: This easy drinking IPA is loaded up with four varieties of American grown hops. Fruity flavors of pear and peach play off of resinous, piney notes. Belgian crystal malt complements the bitterness for a well-balanced IPA.

drinkMObeer COMMENTS (Andrew): This is the second beer from Log Boat that’s made my Beer list. This bright, well carbonated and nicely balanced IPA pours a beautiful golden apricot hue with little clarity and a fluffy white head that flattens and sticks around. The scent is nicely floral, with slight pine spiciness, and some peach notes. This 68 IBU brew is balanced by the grain bill and finishes without much bitterness. A solid swig delivers zesty citrus, floral, earthy and piney notes with a roundness provided by bready maltiness. This refreshing brew, which features good carbonation and bright flavors, will be my destination after a long, hot summer day (good jam by a MO native).

grandcruGrand Cru |  Schlafly

STYLE: Belgian Strong Pale Ale
ABV: 9%
IBU: 17

BREWERY COMMENTS: Our Grand Cru rewards like dry champagne with aromas of passion fruit and exotic spice. This rich, golden-colored ale is fermented with a distinct Belgian abbey ale strain, then bottle conditioned with extra sugar and yeast for at least two weeks. Bottle conditioning creates the effervescent mouth feel, as well as the distinct Belgian lace prized in Belgian beers. Enjoy the complexity imparted by technique and craft. Cru is a French wine term which means “growth place” or “great growth”. Brewers in Europe, notably in Belgium, and America use the designation to refer to a beer that is created to showcase the brewer’s art and to represent their passion for their brewery.

drinkMObeer COMMENTS (Tim): At 9% this definitely qualified it as a Belgian Strong ale however it was pretty easy to drink. Hint of pepper among other spices added to the flavor as well as a nice golden color. In my case it paired quite well with Pork Carnitas.



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