UCBC releases new beer in collaboration with Balkan Treat Box

UCBC releases new beer in collaboration with Balkan Treat Box

Urban Chestnut’s newest beer release is based on something all beers should be, a beautiful friendship. The beer, Balkan Lager is a crisp, clean, & delicious Euro-style Helles.

“We have known the guys from Balkan Treat Box for a while,” said Urban Chestnut owner and brewmaster Florian Klupent. “The family lived in Germany for a bit and both brothers speak German, so it was fun to catch up.”

“Helles” (pronounced HELL-us) is a German word meaning pale or bright in English. On the pour, a Helles should appear bright, pale yellow in color. The flavor should be clean, and one of balance. If you’re getting a lot of hop in your Helles, somebody is covering for a mistake.

Brothers Edo and Emir Nalic, originally from Bosnia, are the ones behind the popular eatery located in Webster Groves. They got their start creating Bosnian-inspired comfort food in 2016. They opened their Webster location in 2019.

“We started talking about making a beer like the ones they enjoyed drinking in Europe and that’s how things came to be,” said Klupent.

For now, Balken Lager is available on draft at both UCBC Grove and Balkan Treat Box..

Urban Chestnut Grove
4465 Manchester Avenue
St. Louis, MO 63110

Balkan Treat Box
8103 Big Bend Blvd.
Webster Groves, MO. 63119


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