Shortleaf releasing “Putin Huylo” supporting Ukraine. 6 more local versions coming soon

Shortleaf Brewing of Winghaven is doing its part to help the brave people in Ukraine. They have joined breweries all across the world in releasing “Putin Huylo” (“Putin is a dickhead”) as part of an initiative dubbed “Brewing for Ukraine.”

The initiative was launched by Pravda Beer Theatre, a Lviv, Ukraine-based brewery which came to the world’s attention in late February when they opted to stop brewing beer and instead make Molotov cocktails.

Putin Huylo

The public response has been immense, with breweries all around the world brewing beer to provide donations and support for Ukraine.

“Our hearts are with the Ukrainian people and we want to do our part. A percentage of every pour of “Putin Huylo” (roughly translated to Dickhead Putin) will be donated to Pravda so they can continue to manufacture and provide their troops with ammunition (in the form of Molotov cocktails)!” wrote Shortleaf on its own Instagram account.

The beer is available starting Wednesday for its SPC members today and will be released to the public on Sunday, April 24! We do not know yet if the Putin Huylo is available just on tap, or it will be canned or bottled.

More Putin Huylo coming

Recently, Dogtown brewery, Heavy Riff announced that they are brewing their version of Putin Huylo, with all proceeds going towards humanitarian efforts.

“Our brothers and sisters in the brewing industry that are working on this project with us are Modern, Third Wheel, Rockwell, Perennial, and 2nd Shift. Stay tuned for your ability to support this cause. Once all beers are ready, we’ll have a release rally where you can purchase drafts and cans.”

Heavyriff Brewing brewing batch of Putin Huylo.

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