Center Ice Brewery makes emotional post, thanking St. Louis beer fans for all their love

It’s been just over two months since St. Louis’ first and only hockey-themed craft brewery, Center Ice Brewery, announced it was closing its taproom at 3126 Olive Street in Midtown, and I’m still missing it, especially with the Blues season continuing.

I, like many Blues fans who loved this brewery, enjoyed parking at the brewery, enjoying a pint, and shuttling to the game.

And of course, I miss the brew. The last beer I had at the brewery, was their last release from the Hop Shelf series of Hazy IPA’s and it was fantastic.

I tell you this because I became nostalgic today when I saw this post on Instagram.


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A post shared by Center Ice Brewery (@centericebrew)

Sadly, I cannot tell you what “the next chapter” will be, but I sure hope that is something wonderful. Thank you Steve Albers for working so hard to make your dream come true. And as you figure out your next move, I hope to continue to see your beer on at my favorite bottle shop, and then eventually learn of your next move.


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