Craft Beer News

Shortleaf releasing “Putin Huylo” supporting Ukraine. 6 more local versions coming soon

Shortleaf Brewing of Winghaven is doing its part to help the brave people in Ukraine. They have joined breweries all across the world in releasing “Putin Huylo” (“Putin is a dickhead”) as part of an […]


New craft beer pub opening in St. Charles Monday

  2017 was a very good year for craft beer in St. Charles, with several brewers opening in the area. Now, we’ve learned that the good fortune of beer drinkers is continuing to grow with […]


No more crying in your beer, time to laugh in it

  You may remember seeing their booth at the St. Louis Brewers Heritage Festival and thinking, what a friggin awesome idea.  Well now the idea of a comedian leading you and your friends on a […]


New beer lovers can shuttle between breweries on Class of 2011 collaboration tour

Crooked Craft Tours will be providing free transportation all night from 5 to 9pm with their shuttle buses. The buses will be running continuously, so people can jump on whenever they want to head to the next brewery.


Tix now on sale for 5th annual Midwest Belgian Beer Fest

What the heck is a Belgian style beer? Unlike other beer styles, Belgian style actually lacks it, meaning there really is no style to define.  There are no set ‘colors’ or ‘ingredients’ or ‘tastes’ but […]


The STL Six Pack | What beers you should try this week

Drink 314 has joined forces with to bring you a new weekly feature we’re calling Your STL 6er, which will feature six local or regional beers that we are recommending you try this week.  Chris, Tim […]


The story behind the most popular beer poster in St. Louis

Ever since images of it were posted on the social media pages of the St. Louis Brewers Guild, the illustrated poster depicting the St. Louis area’s local brewing community has become a hot item for […]