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Ever since images of it were posted on the social media pages of the St. Louis Brewers Guild, the illustrated poster depicting the St. Louis area’s local brewing community has become a hot item for local beer lovers.

We asked St. Louis Brewers Guild Executive Director Troika Brodsky to explain the story and the purpose behind the poster.

Drink 314: What was the genesis of this poster? 

Brodsky: The genesis of the poster came about after a few meetings between myself and the CVC (now Explore St. Louis) regarding thoughts on how we could work together to help put the St. Louis area beer scene on the map. So, we literally drew a map, or more specifically, Explore St. Louis hired the very talented, Dan Zettwoch to illustrate a map.

After 15 years in the beer industry, I have seen firsthand the success other cities such as Denver, Portland, San Diego, and Asheville, NC have had with selling themselves as a destination for beer tourism and when I came on as Executive Director of the St. Louis Brewers Guild last year, it made sense to reach out to Explore St. Louis as our missions are very aligned. Both of our organizations are focused on promoting St. Louis and telling really positive stories about what’s happening here, and as I see it, our incredibly vibrant brewing industry is one of our best stories!

Drink 314: What are we seeing on this poster?

Brodsky:  We had been talking about ways to talk up the entire local beer scene, and Explore St. Louis very graciously offered to create this illustration for what would ultimately be a two-page spread in their annual Visitor’s Guide.

As far as what you are seeing, the map is all of our 2015 STLBG Member breweries, with breweries who are Members of the CVC bolded out a bit. But this is everyone (between those illustrated and the names around the edge) as of the end of 2015. We already have a number of new breweries in 2016.

Drink314: How can St. Louis beer fans get one?

Brodsky: People can purchase these incredible illustrated posters at several of our STL breweries now for only $10+tax at the Schlafly Beer Schlafly Tap Room, 4 Hands Brewing Company, and Urban Chestnut Brewing Co in the Grove, Perennial Artisan Ales, Anheuser-Busch, and the Gramophone in the Grove. And coming soon you’ll find them at Deslogetown Brewery and Schlafly Bottleworks.  More locations to come.

Proceeds benefit the St. Louis Brewers Guild and an Explore St. Louis campaign to promote our region’s incredible beer scene. Bad ass art by Dan Zettwoch!

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