Happy to be rediscovering Happy Hour at CBC Clayton

Happy to be rediscovering Happy Hour at CBC Clayton

The work week is hard enough so don’t you deserve a break?  I know I do.

I have memories, pre-having kids memories, of an institution called “Happy Hour.”  I remember it fondly.

The whole point of the “HH” was to get folks into the bar using strategically priced beers to woo me.  It usually worked.

Well, the “Happy Hour” is back and that is great news, especially one that takes place smack dab in the middle of the work week I was describing before as “hard enough.”

Each Wednesday, the Craft Beer Cellar in Clayton hosts their own version of the Happy hour by hosting online poll offering up the winner as half price draughts that night.  The poll, sent out each Tuesday allows you to vote and help decide in which direction the party will go.

Starting this week, Drink314 will post a link to the poll to further promote and celebrate our re-discovery of our favorite hour of the week.  Enjoy everyone!

Click Here for This Week’s Happy Hour Poll

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