1220 Artisan Spirits celebrating 12-20 with 4 new limited edition spirits

On Monday, 1220 Artisan Spirits is celebrating December 20th with the release of two whiskeys from Withered Oak along with new bottles of barrel-aged gin and amaro.

Withered Oak launched in October, as an innovative line of whiskies. The new line includes a 5-year straight bourbon whiskey, a 5-year rye whiskey, and small-batch rye whiskeys in unique finishing barrels. The 5-year bottles sold out, and now the barrel finishes are being released.

The Spirits

Small Batch Rye Whiskey finished in Caribbean Rum and Port Barrels ($59) has a smooth and sweet finish followed by notes of rye spice, tea, vanilla, caramel, bright fruit and a hint of chocolate.

Small Batch Rye Whiskey finished in Orange Bitters Barrels ($69) has a sweet orange finish, followed by caramel, vanilla and hints of cherry and fresh orange zest. This bottle which will only be available at Planter’s House and 4 Hands for purchase and tasting.

Barrel Reserve Gin ($42) is distilled with a blend of traditional botanicals and rosehip, elderberry, cinnamon and vanilla. Aged in a ruby port barrel adding complexity and notes of fresh preserves and aged oak. 

1220’s Barrel Reserve Spettro Amaro ($48) rested in a single orange bitters barrel. This barrel has amazingly complex notes of candied orange, caraway and aged oak.

When You Can Purchase

4 Hands Brewing Co. (1220 S 8th St, St. Louis, MO 63104) will be open on Monday, December 20 beginning at noon.  To stay up to date on the releases and 1220 Day celebration at 4 Hands Brewing Co., visit the event page here.