Young new bourbon becoming backyard staple this fall

Young new bourbon becoming backyard staple this fall

The newest whiskey bottle on my bar is one I’ve been waiting for since May. That was the month Switchgrass Spirits released its first First Batch Bourbon.

The release was a limited 600 bottle run, which was designed to give local bourbon lovers a taste of the experimenting process the new distillery goes through. “Once we had our grain bill and processes figured out we began testing,” said Nick Columbo, one of the founders of Switchgrass.  “We created 25, 500-gallon batches and worked through each one until we finally found the right mix.”

Well, it worked. The First Batch Bourbon release sold out in a few short months, and they realized they had to increase their production. The result of that work is now sitting on my bar.  I’ve found it to be a sweet surpise, that sips nicely. I started off neat, than tried a few cubes, but quickly returned back to iceless. The past few nights, it’s been a nice accompanyment to my evening, backyard fires.

Switchgrass Bourbon

Tasting Notes

This Bourbon Whiskey sits at 92 proof, which may be why it’s a bit more balanced and smooth, than you might expect from a one-year-old spirit. The high wheat content, gives out a honey like sweetness. I’m also getting a bit of spice and floral on the tongue.

I’m seeing the bottle retail for under $30.00 and can found at the following retailers.

Parker’s Table, Wine & Cheese Shop, Randall’s, Civil Alchemy, Craft Beer Cellar, Local Harvest, Schnucks, and Total Wine.

Find out more about the distillery on their website,


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