Tasmanian IPA returns

Tasmanian IPA returns

If you’re a fan of Schlafly Beer, here’s some news for you. Tasmanian IPA is back. 

Tasmanian IPA returns

Back in 2017, Food & Wine Magazine put together a list of the best IPA’s brewed in each of the 50 states. Schlafly’s Tasmanian was named the best in Missouri. 

With so many IPAs on the market, brewers constantly seek ways to help their brands standout. Schlafly Beer, brewed by The Saint Louis Brewery, decided to look half way around the globe to make their Tasmanian IPA with, as the name suggests, Australian hops. The result is a citrusy brew that tastes miles away from the kind of stuff you’re going to get at that other well-known St. Louis-based brewery.

Now, the beer is back, and with new packaging. Previously only available in 16-ounce cans, the tropical IPA is now available in a smaller pack and can size.

The Beer

This beer is bold and big. The 7.2% ABV is as hearty as the flavor burst you get. On the pour, this beer is golden-brown, with a citrus scent on the nose. On the tongue, you will get the intended fruit burst of tropical flavors, with pineapple being most pronounced.

The Backstory

Schlafly was one of the first breweries in the United States to use the now-popular Galaxy hop in 2010. The Schlafly brewers recognized that sometimes bigger is better and created a beer that’s powerfully hoppy and dangerously drinkable. 

“The idea for Tasmanian IPA was born when we discovered the Galaxy hop on a trip to Tasmania in search of the next big hop,” says Founding Brewer Stephen Hale. “The aromatic, golden Tasmanian IPA has been a brewery treasure for years and we’re excited to offer the favorite in 12-ounce cans.”

The Label

The label art is also new, and dare we say one of the boldest are expressions on any Schlafly beer.
Designer Sarah Frost brought the beer’s history and flavor to life in her new can design. “We reimagined the legacy beer’s label while linking it to past branding for TIPA. You’ll still see the signature golden hues of oranges and yellows to reflect the beer’s juicy color and flavor, but there are a bunch of fun Easter eggs within the artwork that are nods to the hop’s origin in Tasmania.” 

Frost incorporated art that showcases the plants and animals local to that area of Tasmania. For example, its native tree, the Snow Gum, native animal, the Echidna, and native plant, the Pandani. “This IPA is not a shrinking violet beer, but extremely bright and tropical, just like where we get the hops in Tasmania.”

You can find Schlafly beer all across the St. Louis region.

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