Fall favorite Lil Jifforia is back on tap at Main & Mill

One of my favorite fall beers is back, on tap, starting right now.

I knew from my first sip of Lil Jifforia, that this beer was one of the most flavorful I’ve ever had. It’s a silky smooth session stout with loads of peanut butter and chocolate. It stands out for its very bold flavors while remaining around 5% ABV, giving it more drinkability than the bigger imperial stouts.

Lil Jifforia pours very dark brown to black, low to medium carbonation giving way to light brown foam. On the nose, you’ll get all the peanut butter with a hint of chocolate with light notes of roasted malt barely peeking through

On the tongue, well, it’s a friggin liquid peanut butter cup in a glass. Nuff said.

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