Mark Twain Brewing to honor Hannibal and its rich brewing history

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The year 2019, will mark the bicentennial of the legendary Missouri river town, and hometown of Mark Twain, Hannibal, Missouri. Amongst the many planned events to mark the town’s 200 years is the announcement from the Mark Twain Brewing Company, that they plan to honor the town’s rich brewing tradition with a new bicentennial beer.

We have reached out to Mark Twain Brewing to find out more information about this bicentennial beer, and hope to be able to tell you more before it is released.

In the meantime, I am intrigued by the “rich brewing tradition,” of this proud Missouri town and did some research that I’d like to share.

I found two websites dedicated to the search of historical brewery artifacts called Breweriana. On the sites,  and and there I discovered that at one time there were five breweries in Hannibal, with the original names listed here, as well as the future incarnations that developed through the years, before Prohibition. On some of the breweries, we did discover the names of the beers they brewed.

Wm. F. Schanbacker’s Western Brewery

  • The Western Brewery opened in 1878 and closed in 1890. 
  • John Herl 1890-1891
  • Herl & Rendlen (117 Lindell Avenue) 1891-1893
  • Herl-Rendlen Brewing and Ice Co. 1893-1896
  • Herl-Rendlen Brewing Co. 1896-1902
  • Hannibal Brewing Co. 1904-1919
    • Closed in 1919


  • Como Beverage  1904 – 1919
  • Reidel’s Export Beer  1904 – 1919

Frederick Gugel Brewery

  • Opened in 1874 and closed in 1875 it was open for 1 years.

H. C. Kleine Brewery

  • HC. Kleine 1880-1891
  • Herl & Rendlen Brewing Co., South Side Brewery 1895-1896
    • Closed in 1896

Reidel & Co. Brewery

  • Reidel & Co. 1863-1877
  • Riedel’s City Brewery 1877-1902
  • William Heil, City Brewery 1903-1905
  • Albert S. Schorr, City Brewery 1905-1910
    • Closed in 1910

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