We can expect big beers from Bluewood in 2019, just look at what they poured at the Halloween Party!

The St. Louis brewing community refuses to stop growing and I friggin love it. The newest brewery to announce it will soon be pouring in the city, is Bluewood Brewing, a brewery that has been […]


Understanding ‘Giggle Water’ and where you can drink it as a beer, for real

Giggle Water is exactly what it sounds like, fun.  And it’s a term that has been around for more than a century. I first became familiar with the term Giggle Water, when doing some research for an […]


Beer & Honey flowing nicely here in St. Louis

Beer is not exempt from the sweetness that honey can bring to life.  In fact, beer and honey have been in ‘collaboration’ or years. But only recently have I begun noticing more breweries and restaurants […]