Six Mile Bridge growing “Big 5″series in 2018, plus debuting cans

It’s time to look ahead to what we’ll be pouring, sipping and loving in 2018.  I’ve reached out to a few of our town’s best brewers to see what we can expect from them in the next Year of Beer.

Six Mile Bridge, and it’s innovative leaders Ryan and Lindsay Sherring are continuing their brewing journey into their third year, while building on their growing reputation of brewing consistency and full flavor offerings on their, dare I say, ‘colorful’ beer menu.

Their Maryland Heights taproom and brewery have also embraced the local foodie community in offering delectable delights on-premise, created from scratch by some of St. Louis’ top mobile chefs. 

What Can We expect in 2018
2018 is going to be a big year for Six Mile Bridge continue to lay a lot of groundwork for various projects that they’ll see to fruition this year, including what I’m noticing to be a growing local trend among St. Louis beer makers – CANS!

“We’re excited to release our core brands in cans this year which will be available in bars and restaurants as well as liquor and grocery stores,” said Lindsay Sherring. “Our customers have been begging us for cans since we started and we’re so excited to be able to finally offer STL this option!”

Increased canning goes hand in hand with growing their distribution efforts and enlarging their footprint and offering beers in St. Louis and the greater surrounding area, as well as down south in Memphis.

As for beer, Six Mile Bridge found true success in the release of its first “big” beer.

“Reverent was a huge hit last year as the first installment in our Big 5 Series,” said Sherring.  The series celebrates the wildlife and heritage of our brewmaster’s home country of South Africa. We’re excited to release several more in the series as the barrels become ready!”

New Releases
The first release from Six Mile Bridge this year will be Robust Porter Ancho.

“We’re bringing back a crowd favorite from last year! The dark porter is medium bodied with a roasty, earthy aroma. The ancho chili brings a well-rounded earthiness to the forefront with a subtle heat on the end. This one won’t burn your throat as it goes down.”

Look for it by the end of January.

More New
Innovation has been a cornerstone of Six Mile Bridge.  Fans will see some new recipes put to the test, which will hopefully yield new brew.  But Sherring isn’t quite ready to announce just what these newbies might be.

“Ryan would kill me if I spilled any of the beans though so I’ll have to keep the lid on any particulars. Let’s just say there’s quite a few different beer in barrels that we’ll be releasing. 



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