Tropical Liqueurs closing shop Sunday, moving to The Grove next year

If you love a good frozen drink, and who doesn’t, you’ll need to move fast before one of our town’s most popular bars – Tropical Liqueurs closes up shop this weekend. Trops’ owners say they […]


Schlafly releases 2017 Pups & Pints calendars

Dogs and beer.  What can I say, they just go well together. This is why Schlafly Beer‘s annual calendar is bringing them together and for a fantastic cause. Available right now, this year’s calendar features our […]


New beer this week: Kadowari from Standard

Kadowari | ABV: 7.0%, IBU: 54 Jeff “Jonesy” Jones, the master manipulator of water, yeast, grain and hops at Standard Brewing Company has a new beer out this week, slated to debut, Wednesday, November 16. […]