Remembering Heritage Festival 2017 through the beers I didn’t get to drink

Beer Of The Week

How much great, locally crafted beer can one man take.  Saturday night at the St. Louis Brewers guild 11th annual Heritage Festival, I sought out to find out, and sadly I could not reach the coveted, yet in-human goal of drinking it all.

But before you call me any names, remember we’re talking 50 plus breweries, 100 styles, a rare tasting tent, and a VIP experience you won’t want to miss next year.

My tasting list was impressive if I don’t mind saying.

  1. 2nd Shift Brewing | Little Big Hop with Blood Orange
  2. Narrow Gauge Brewing | Double Dry Hopped Cloud City
  3. Third Wheel Brewing | Ophelia’s Wit
  4. Third Wheel Brewing | Dyslexic API
  5. Wellspent Brewing | T-Rex Macarena
  6.  2nd Shift Brewing |LSD with coffee and vanilla
  7. Old Bakery Brewing | Citrus Wheat
  8. Perennial Artisan Ales | Owen
  9. 4 Hands Brewing Co. | Loose Particles
  10. Earthbound Beer | Red Hot Riplets Gose
  11. Gumbo Flats | Sneaky Bitch Raspberry Cider
  12. Bluewood Brewing | Arch City Haze
  13. Point Labbadie Brewery | Wee Heavy
  14. Steampunk Brew Works | New England IPA
  15. Two Plumbers | Single Hop IPA

I had a game plan and I stuck with it. My plan was to try as many rare tappings as possible and sample as many beers from the a group of brewers that have just opened onto the scene or expect to in the near future.  Rare and New, that was the plan.  But, it also meant a lot of great beer would go untasted.

Today, this post pays tribute to these beers that will still be sought and conquered at a later date.

The local beers I didn’t get to try but will soon

  1. Big Muddy Brewing | Galaxy IPA
  2. Earthbound Beer | Fuzzy Pickles
  3. Exit Six Brewery | Blood Orange Wit
  4. Jackson Street Brew Co. | Witty Wit
  5. Jackson Street Brew Co. | Dry Hopped Brown
  6. Main & Mill Brewing Company | Thin Mint Stout
  7. Missouri Beer Company | Hibiscus Pale Ale
  8. Narrow Gauge Brewing Co. | Hop Water #1
  9. Peel Brewing Co. | Blood Orange Wheat
  10. Peel Brewing Co. | ALTerior Motive – Altbier
  11. Recess Brewing | Broken Spoke
  12. Stubborn German Brewing Co. | Tighty Whitey (Witbier)
  13. Tin Mill Brewing Co. | Twisted Red Oak
  14. St. Nicolas Brewing Company | Velo Mello (Belgian Pale Ale)
  15. St. Nicolas Brewing Company |Pelaton (American Pale Ale)


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