How to get your hands on Scratch Brewing’s new bottle release

Beer Of The Week

Mark my words, my next brewery adventure will take me and my cohorts across the river and south on Illinos Highway 4 toward Ava, Illinois.  There are journey will be rewarded as we arrive at Scratch Brewing Company, located inside a farmhouse just 5 miles from the Shawnee National Forest.

I first discovered Scratch at the Tower Grove Park Farmer’s Market, where there, they don’t serve beer, but rather their selection of hearth baked breads and baked items, such as biscuits and sourdough beer pretzels and their always-changing seasonal sodas

But beer is what I’ll be searching for and the one I would like to get my hands on is their next bottle release.

Black Trumpet Biere de Mars – Courtesy of Scratch Brewing Co.

Black Trumpet Biere de Mars is the only beer I’ve ever heard of that was brewed with several dozen pounds of black trumpet mushrooms, harvested in the woods that surround their picturesque brewery.

This beer is described as a clean-drinking, amber and malty French farmhouse-style beer that finishes earthy and chocolatey. This bottle-conditioned 750 ml bottle is 6.9% abv and has been cellared for about 6 months.

But getting my hands, or your hands for that matter won’t be as easy as I hoped.

Tickets to reserve the bottle are $2 per bottle and you may reserve up to 12 bottles (or one case) for $24. The bottles themselves will be $20 each when you go to pick them up at the brewery with a reservation or $25 without. Purchase your tickets here.

Tickets are on sale right now and will be available for reservation online until Thursday August 18th. After that bottles will be available on a first-come first-served basis at the brewery, until they run out. To secure a bottle (or a case!) make sure you reserve ahead of time. Reservation fees are donated to a great cause. This month they’re donating to the Trico Community Food Pantry.

You may pick up your bottle during our normal business hours starting August 18th through September 18th.

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