The story behind Third Wheel Brewing’s “She Is Power”

The story behind Third Wheel Brewing’s “She Is Power”

Third Wheel Brewing is releasing “She Is Power 2022″ their annual Pink Boots brew. The beer is brewed with the Pink Boots hops, a blend of hops that the members of Pink Boots Society choose, and is combined and pelletized by Yakima Chief Hops.

Anyone, professional or homebrewer, can purchase the hops. For every 11 lb bag they sell, $3 is donated to the Pink Boots Society, an organization that promotes the education and advancement of women in the beer industry.

“I am personally a recipient of a Pink Boots scholarship and try to continue to pay it forward in different ways,” said Third Wheel Head Brewer, Abbey Spencer. “One great way is to purchase the Pink Boots hops and brew an official collaboration with the Pink Boots Society. We get to choose the style, and typically change it up every year.”

This year, the hops were a beautiful blend of fruit flavors and aromas – citrus, tropical, bubblegum, and a hint of pine. Spencer chose to showcase the hops in a Belgian IPA. The yeast mimics some of the hop flavors and aromas with mild fruity undertones but also has a slight black pepper bite which adds an extra layer of complexity.

“I really love IPAs because I’m such a hop head, but I feel most Belgian IPAs focus more on the yeast rather than the hops,” said Spencer. “We’ve swapped it up on this batch of “She is Power.” The hops come first and are supported by the yeast. The malt is an afterthought and we tried to keep it fairly neutral so the spotlight falls on the hops and yeast.”

“She Is Power” Tasting Notes

“She is Power pours a pale straw color with a slight haze from the heavy dry hopping addition. White, spongy foamy head. On the nose, the hops and yeast have a beautiful blend. Mostly tropical fruit: pineapple, guava, some mild citrus, and an undertone of pine and black pepper spice.

The flavors mimic much of the aroma. Lots of tropical fruit flavors, a bit more citrus with pith, pine, bubblegum, black pepper, and a very subtle sweet grain, biscuit flavor from the malt. Finishes fairly bitter, but cleans up quickly. It’s very effervescent and spritzy.

If pairing beer with your food is your thing, Spencer says “She is Power” goes nicely with fried shrimp.

“Fried shrimp with a fruity, pineapple dipping sauce. The breading on the shrimp would mimic the bready malt profile. The high level of carbonation will clean up the fried and sticky shrimp. The bitterness from the hops will be a great contrast to the sweet sauce, all while having a great similar, tropical flavor.”

The Name “She Is Power”

“She Is Power” is a non-profit apparel company that empowers women and boosts self-esteem through clothing and by working with social justice organizations to benefit women. They’ve graciously allowed Third Wheel Brewing to use the name for their beer again this year.

The Label Art of “She Is Power”

The brewery worked with their friends at Public Art Co. for the label artwork. The idea is to really bring a lot of attention to the beer’s name, “She Is Power,”  and highlight the bright pink color Pink Boots is known for. The floral, tattoo-like motif plays along with some of the brewery’s newer label artwork.

You can only get “She is Power”  at Third Wheel Brewing. 4008 N. Service Road. St. Peters, MO 63376. It’s on draft and available in 16oz 4 packs as well.

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