4 Hands’ first cold IPA “Glennon Live” now available

4 Hands’ first cold IPA “Glennon Live” now available

If you have been looking for a gateway beer to introduce yourself to the recent trend of cold IPA, 4 Hands Brewing Co. newest release could be that new beer for you.

This week, the brewery announced the coming release of Glennon LIVE, in partnership with SSM Health Cardinal Glennon Children’s Hospital. This is the fourth year the brewery has partnered with the hospital in creating a new beer together.

“Each year we think about what is trending in the market, what is a style of beer we’d like to introduce, and also what would get consumers excited to buy the beer and help support this wonderful organization and cause,” said 4 Hands Head Brewer, Andy Burgio. “We set up a beer creation evening with a handful of people on the committee and we have a group discussion, we try different beers and talk about adjuncts, hops, etc.”

The Cold IPA, made with Mosaic Hops, is a first for the brewery, and the first in the partnership to be offered outside the brewery, and will be sold at Dierbergs exclusively. 

What is a cold IPA

At its essence, how a brewer brews, and which hops they use is what allows us to see so many variations of IPA. Brewers mix and match hops and are creative in how its added and used. In a cold IPA, the hops are added at cooler temperatures and are fermented at cooler temperatures. This lends a smooth fruiter profile.

“Glennon LIVE is brewed with a combination of Mosaic hops and blueberry puree blend perfectly to make a refreshing beer with fruit that you want to keep drinking,” said Burgio. 

Tasting notes for this cold IPA

Visual: Purple
Aroma: Subtle fruit notes
Flavor: Blend of tropical fruit and blueberry
Mouthfeel: Smooth
Body: medium

Yeast: German Lager
Hops: Mosaic 
Malt: Pilsen
Other: Blueberry

The can art

The can art was created to celebrate the fact that SSM Cardinal Glennon Foundation is hosting an event, Glennon Live on April 23rd, featuring country music star Brad Paisley. 

“We wanted to create a label that spoke to the event with its Glennon Live tag but also have a label that for these collaborations to come we could have similar look and feel to drive some loyalty in the artwork for next year’s release,” sais Burgio. “You can very clearly see that the Glennon Live label has a concert vibe, live music feel to it.”

Where to find Glennon Live

This beer is available right now at Dierbergs. You can also find Glennon Live at the 4 Hands Brewery. On April 23rd it will be sold during the night of the event as well. Proceeds from the sale of the can will go directly back to the SSM Cardinal Glennon Foundation.

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