Red Hot Riplet Stout sure to be the “can’t miss” beer of Schlafly Oyster Festival

Red Hot Riplet Stout sure to be the “can’t miss” beer of Schlafly Oyster Festival

It’s been a solid two years since Schlafly has been able to host a proper Stout & Oyster Festival, but this weekend, the festival is back, and with it is at least one new stout that all of St. Louis should be excited about, the Red Hot Riplet Stout.

For the uninitiated, Red Hot Riplets is a kind of spicy potato chip that is primarily only sold in St. Louis, Missouri. Red Hot Riplets are ridge-cut chips covered with hot chili pepper and sweet barbecue powdered seasoning. The label describes the flavoring as “St. Louis Style Hot Sauce” and they have become a part of the fabric that makes the city what it is.

The Red Hot Riplet Stout

Those in attendance at this year’s Oyster Festival will be able to purchase a Schlafly Stout Sampler with rotating specialty stouts throughout the weekend. The sampler will include the Red Hot Riplet Stout, Tabasco Stout, Chocolate Cherry Stout, Maplewood Coffee Stout featuring La Cosecha coffee, St. Charles Coffee Stout featuring Course coffee, and more.

The inspiration for this beer dates back several years, when Schlafly brewers began creating what they call, “savory condiment” stouts, which included a Horseradish Stout, the aforementioned Tabasco Stout, which paired insanely well with oyster. This year the idea was to continue the tradition, but with a St. Louis twist.

“Red Hot Riplet Stout is a continuation of that,” said Jared Williamson, head brewer at Schlafly.

To make the beer, Williamson says his brewing team spent much time sampling the chips and sauce and seasoning.

“We did our best to deconstruct the flavor profile, and then created a blend with one of our base stouts that allow those spicy assertive flavors to come ​through,” said Williamson. “The end result?  It’s a beer you’ll not find this beer anywhere else on the planet. ​

Tasting Notes

Overall Impression: ​ Spicy Stout
Visual: ​Black 
Aroma: ​Spicy aromatics with dark roasted malts
Flavor: ​Heat upfront with hearty malts rounding the finish
Mouthfeel: ​Medium to full
Body: ​Medium to full

Yeast: ​American Ale
Hops: ​Magnum (bittering)
Malt: ​2 row, Roasted Barley, Flaked Barley, Biscuit
Other: ​secret spice

Food Pairings:
Cuisine: ​oysters

Availability: ​only at Stout & Oyster at the stout sampler tent

Format:  ​5oz sample as part of a flight

How to get a taste

​The Red Hot Riplet Stout is only available the annual Schlafly Stouts & Oyster Festival, Friday, March 25 from 5-9 p.m. and Saturday, March 26 from 11 a.m. – 9 p.m. at the historic Schlafly Tap Room (2100 Locust St, St. Louis, MO 63103).

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