Rouge Biere returns for Alpha Brewing’s 9th anniversary celebration

Rouge Biere returns for Alpha Brewing’s 9th anniversary celebration

Craft beer folks know how to celebrate a momentous occasion: with great beer and plenty of it. And when they’re ringing in their own milestones, you can always expect one heck of a good time. Today it’s time to celebrate the 9th anniversary of Alpha Brewing.

The anniversary special begins today at 2 p.m. and will run through 11 p.m. with the return of its anniversary beer. Rouge Biere, a foeder-aged raspberry sour blonde ale. There will also be live music featuring Josie & Drew and Mister Blackcat.

Alpha Brewing: The Beer

Each year for the anniverary, Alpha taps Rouge Biere, aged for two years in an American oak foeder and raspberries. Brewed with their house sour strain first isolated in 2014

“What more inspiration do you need besides raspberry sour blonde ale.  Since our anniversary is in the spring, April 10th, we wanted a bright fun fruity sour to celebrate with us,’ said owner and head brewer Derrick Langeneckert. “Definitely the vanilla characteristic from the foeder is what makes this brew stand out.  It’s a 100% brett brux fermentation so you get a lot of those phenolic aromas coming out of the brew.”

Rouge means red in french.  While the beer isn’t bright red, it has a tint of pink thanks to the raspberries.

Alpha Brewing: The Can Art

The label art is a take-off of the impressionist painting Son of Man.  It’s a pretty classic painting that depicts a man with a green apple covering his face.  In this label, a raspberry covers the man’s face in a unique style of scribbled artwork.

Brewers Tasting Notes:
Overall Impression:  Light, Tart, Fruity, Oaky

Visual: Hazy Pink
Aroma: Strongly of raspberries and phenols
Flavor: Tart, raspberry, vanilla
Mouthfeel: Light body
Body: Light BodyIngredients:
Brett BruxHops:
Lambic HopsMalt:
Straight Brewers Basemalt 2 RowOther:
RaspberryFood Pairings:
Cuisine: Chicken Breast, Shrimp, White Cheddar

Availability: Very Limited availability, Tapped at the brewery Saturday, 4/9

Format: Keep the glass while they last at the brewery Saturday 4/9.  Also, available in 16oz 4packs.

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