28 Missouri breweries team up for new collaboration beer

28 Missouri breweries team up for new collaboration beer

Over the last six years, I’ve asked dozens of brewers and brewery owners, what they like most about owning a brewery and brewing beer? The answers vary, but one common theme throughout is that they believe brewing creates community, that while brewing they are never alone, and a unique form of comradeship develops. It’s just such a comradeship that has brought together 28 Missouri brewers and associates to create another super Missouri-style collaboration.

You may recall back in December 2020, the Missouri Craft Brewers Guild released their first collaboration beer, Missouri Loves Company, with 22 Missouri breweries. Well, the rumors of another collab are true!

The Beer

Missouri Loves Company

The newest iteration of the Missouri Loves Company(TM) collaboration beer series is a Springtime Pale Ale. Brewed with a pale ale malt bill featuring a touch of American honey, and hopped with Contessa and Bravo hops. This dry finish 5.5% ABV Springtime Pale Ale will remind you of a Missouri spring with aromas of sweet grass, herbs, fruit, and flowers.

“The light caramel balances nicely a medium bitterness with hints of fruit and green tea,” wrote the Guild on social media. “It’s the perfect porch beer for these warm spring afternoons. We hope you love drinking it as much as we loved brewing it.”

28 Missouri breweries decided to join forces for what may be the largest collaboration beer ever, at least in Missouri. Together they selected the style, developed the recipe and the hop bill.

“Several of MCBG’s allied trade members generously donated supplies, ingredients, and financial resources to assist with the special project,” said Sherry Wohlgemuth, Executive Director of the Missouri Craft Brewers Guild.

The Name

The name of the beer genuinely represents the state’s craft beer community.

“In spite of the challenges all our members faced this year, we learned we are never truly alone,” said Wohlgemuth. “Even before a virus turned everything upside down, Missouri craft brewers helped each other solve problems, share ideas, and work together to make all Missouri craft beer better.”

The proceeds from this project will directly benefit the Missouri Craft Brewers Guild. By buying this beer, you’re supporting the Guild and their efforts to advocate for the craft beer industry at the state and federal level and promote independent craft brewers in the Show-Me State.

The Breweries

Want to try the beer? Starting April 21, you can pick up a 6-pack of 12-ounce cans of ​Missouri Loves Company at any of these participating breweries, restaurants, and retailers across Missouri:






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