Millpond brings back two origin brews for an update

Millpond brings back two origin brews for an update

If you have not made your way to Millstadt, Illinois to try the beer offerings of  Millpond Brewing and Incubator, perhaps their 2 newest offerings will be the catalyst for you to make a trip out.

This week, the brewery brought back two beers that first appeared on their opening day menu, but each with a twist.

Pete Zump

Millpond is finding its groove when it comes to NEIPA’s. Last summer, I was very impressed with two releases Help Others (ABV 7%) and Freestyle Walking (7.0% ABV). Now, their newest release, Pete Zump (6.6%) is back, but with a twist.

“It has always been our goal to have IPA and Pale Ale versions of that style regularly rotated in and out,” said Bryan Schubert, owner and head brewer at Millpond. “This was our first pale ale version of that style we released when we opened back in October 2019, but it has gone through some tweaks in that time to further deliver on what is promised with the New England style.”

Pete Zump delivers is on style, with low bitterness, soft mouthfeel, and juicy hop flavor. You’ll get tropical fruits (passion fruit, papaya, mango) with a nice punch of tangerine from a dose of Azacca and Mandarina Bavaria hops.

The Label

Millpond’s unique beer labels come from the creative mind of Tim Bottchen, the St. Louis based commercial photographer who has created many of the most recognizable beer labels in St. Louis. Bottchen and Schubert went to college together, and since Millpond’s launch, Bottchen has helped create the artwork for all the labels. Each incorporates different sections of the brewery’s handmade river tables, by changing the color of the epoxy resin section for each beer.

The Name

Every name of every beer tells a story, and Pete Zump is no exception. “When we were kids and would see our dad have a conversation with a stranger, we would ask, “dad, who was that?” said Schubert. “Occasionally he wouldn’t remember, so his reply was usually ‘Pete Zump.'”

“Since the day we released it Pete has been a very popular beer for us, and we receive calls every week asking if Pete is in stock, so when it is it typically does not last long.”

Beauty In The Weeds

After a long hiatus, Beauty In The Weeds is back. “We opened the brewery with this beer, and to be honest, I was not satisfied with where the beer was at,” said Schubert.”Therefore, I took some time to hone this in before bringing it back!”

Brewed to be very much a classic West Coast Style IPA, it features bright citrus, piney, dank, grapefruit, and a lemony hop character. A kettle addition of some dextrose makes sure the beer dries out to let those hop notes shine on the palate.

The name Beauty In The Weeds (7%ABV) comes from the fact that hops are sometimes referred to as “the wicked weed.” “And after a song from one of our favorite artists BJ Barham and American Aquarium,” said Schubert. “Only then will you find beauty not in the bloom but in the weeds.”

You can purchase both beers for pickup in Millpond’s online store, or pick up some at the brewery 308 E. Washington St, Millstadt, IL 62260.

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