The Modern Brewery’s Flavor Matrix #3, now available

Have you been noticing how much good beer, The Modern Brewing Company has been putting out lately? They have been on fire, and I’ve been really enjoying it all, especially when it comes to the continued brewing of their kettle sours. Ever since my first sip of Disco Punch in August of 2019, I’ve been really enjoying those releases.

Now, the third edition of the Flavor Matrix series is ready for release.

“When we first started concocting these “Smoothie Style” Kettle Sours, two things happened,” wrote the brewery on its social pages. “First, you guys wanted a higher ABV, and second we got a shoutout on Instagram from an uber-talented and creative artist from Cape Girardeau, called @ghostsignals. We checked out some of his work, and it totally blew us away.”

Now, the brewery and the artist are back again, with a new label and new beer, Flavor Matrix #3.

The art on the can is called “Dissonance Disarray.” It kind of encapsulates the idea of what goes on in your brain when consuming a “Smoothie Style” Kettle Sour for the first time. Bright. Bright Colors. Your Brain tells your mouth to salivate. Your eyes pop out. You are transported to another place. It’s kind of like entering the #Matrix for the first time (which is “quasi” presented in this piece… kind of, at least we think so…).

Flavor Matrix #3 is a 7% ABV kettle sour that is finished with blackberry, raspberry, strawberry, lemon, and lime. It’s tart and juicy. And don’t forget to keep this beer cold, and drink it fresh. Rolling it on a tabletop is also highly recommended.

You can order 4pks. of 16oz. cans for $24.00 online.

The brewery also has released Mansions & Benzes (Silver Edition), the third Installment in this Imperial IPA (New England Style / Hazy) Series. The beer is fully loaded with mosaic, simcoe, and two other new amazing hops called Sequoia and Zamba.

Sequoia (HS-1228) is a mix of tropical fruit and west coast hop character. It has pronounced flavors and aromas of mango, pineapple, citrus, and pine. Zamba (HS-1214) is named for the overwhelming tropical dance its aroma evokes. Look for more mango and pineapple, Along with Stone Fruit, orange, and tangerine.

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