Bluewood Brewing re-releasing Breakfast Hero Vol. 1. 

Bluewood Brewing re-releasing Breakfast Hero Vol. 1. 

If you’re a fan of breakfast stouts, here’s some news for you. Bluewood Brewing has re-released Breakfast Hero Vol. 1.

Bluewood Brewing re-releasing Breakfast Hero Vol. 1.

There are breakfast stouts, and then there are Breakfast Stouts.

Last January, Bluewood Brewing created a stout that incorporated mashing with Cocoa Puffs and aging briefly in the conditioning phase with even more cocoa puffs. The result was impressive enough that they decided to do a breakfast cereal series of beers.

The Beer

Breakfast Hero Vol. 1 is an American imperial breakfast stout mashed and aged on Cocoa Puffs, Tahitian cacao nibs, and Madagascar vanilla. It was released originally in January of this year.

“The most unique part about this beer is definitely the fact that we effectively rinse off the dusting of the cereal into the beer so the finished product tastes exactly like the cereal itself,” said Bluewood owner Cameron Lund. “The underlying beer is definitely still there on the palate, but we definitely wanted this version to be stronger in terms of the featured flavors.”

The name Breakfast Hero actually comes from an old BBQ sauce recipe that Lund makes, in which he adds maple syrup, brown sugar, and cinnamon, as a small variant to his base sauce. “We kinda adopted the name from the sauce to fit the beer series and it really does fit better as a beer name,” said Lund.

Interestingly enough, both Volume 1 and 2, which features Cinnamon Toast Crunch are a “royal pain” to make, which is why the brewery only makes it in small batches. And while there is thought of releasing on a larger scale one day, for now, this release and others will be limited. “It gives us some time to have fun and just appreciate what all beers are for the first time making them: a learning experience,” said Lund.

Where To Find Breakfast Hero Vol. 1

Bluewood’s taproom and soon a very small amount may be canned. I expect both to disappear rather quickly and Lund says Bluewood does plan on making Vol. 3 until the pandemic is over so go and get it now before it’s gone!

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