Shift Beer | Maduro from Cigar City

Shift Beer | Maduro from Cigar City

Starting today, I’m starting a new column, within the blog called Shift Beer. Today’s Shift Beer column features Maduro from Cigar City.

The name stems from the fact that I’ve had to restart my life after a job loss, and have picked up some part-time shifts at the Beer Sauce Shop in Ballwin. One of the perks of the gig is the “Shift Beer,” a beer under $4.00 that you can take home for free.

I’ve decided I will use my shift beers to try and write about beers I’ve never tried, and tell you what I think.

Maduro | Cigar City Brewing | 5.5% ABV | 25 IBU

I’ve been a fan of Cigar City Brewing since my first taste of Jai Alai on October 1, 2016 (according to Untappd). I don’t see a ton of Cigar City in St. Louis, so it’s thrilling to find in the cold beer refrigerator.

I can’t smoke cigars anymore, but I do love me a Maduro and find the brewery’s tag for this beer to be spot on. Maduro cigars are darker in color and smokes chocolaty and earthy. That is how I describe a well made Brown Ale.

“We draw inspiration from these sophisticated cigars and from Tampa’s cigar-making history with Maduro Brown Ale, a Northern English Brown Ale brewed with flaked oats. Full in body and silky on the palate, Maduro Brown Ale’s chocolate and espresso notes are rounded out by toffee-like qualities and a light woody hop presence,” writes Cigar City on its website.

Tasting Notes

I found this beer true to style. The represented chocolate, albeit lightly, is there but just sweet enough. I don’t care for Brown Ales, that go too far on the sweet scale. This beer drinks lighter than most Brown Ales I’ve enjoyed with a very little lingering after taste, which I don’t mind.

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