Scotland’s Clan Brewing beer has arrived in St. Louis

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St. Louis fans of Scottish craft beer are in for some good drinking ahead. Scottish craft beer brewer Clan Brewing announced this past summer that it had struck a distribution deal with Indiana-headquartered Copper Mountain Beverage Company to bring its whisky barrel-aged drinks to the world’s largest craft beer market.

And, now that brew has arrived in St. Louis. Each of its four beer recipes has a “flavour profile” that matches the whisky casks sourced from Islay, Lowland, Speyside and Highland in which they are aged.

Clan Brewing Spruce Ale Aged in Islay Whisky Cask
Matured in Islay Whisky cask

A classic combination of two traditional methods of creating uniquely Scottish liquids: smoky peat on a sweet, resinous full body. Smoky, fruity, intense, full-bodied. Aged in Islay whiskey casks for an absurdly long time. The perfect drinking occasion is to share these complex craft brews with good friends.
Alc. Strength 8%

Clan Brewing Imperial Stout Matured Lowland Whisky Cask
Matured in Lowland Whisky Cask

A rich, dark and intensely flavourful Imperial Stout, packed with burnt coffee and lemon scents, skillfully balanced by sweet sherry and raisin flavors derived from a short period in Lowland malt whiskey casks. A smoky, slightly acrid mouthfeel, and a long burnt finish. The perfect drinking occasion is to share these complex craft brews with good friends.
Alc. Strength 8%

Clan Brewing Red Rye Ale Aged in Speyside Whisky Cask
Matured in Speyside Whisky Cask

Subtly peppery rye malt, warm fermented to increase its fruity character, offset by a blend of citrus dominant hops, then finished for a lengthy period Speyside whiskey barrels to create a wonderfully complex ale.
Alc. Strength 8%

Clan Brewing Golden Ale Aged in Highland Whisky Cask
Matured in Highland Whisky cask

An elegantly complex ale carefully brewed to allow sweet malt and tropical fruit aromas to emerge, without overpowering. Finishing in Highland whiskey casks adds subtle sherry and fruitcake to this delectable ale.
Alc. Strength 8%

You can find these beers at:

  • The Wine And Cheese Place
  • Beer Sauce

I’ll update this story if I find the beer at more locations.

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