Civilized Brut is Founders first seasonal release of 2020

Civilized Brut is Founders first seasonal release of 2020

New beer styles don’t come along every day, so when I first saw a beer called a Brut IPA in the summer of 2018, I needed to know more. I reached out to several St. Louis brewmasters for some schooling.

First the name, Brut IPA. The rationale is that much like brut champagne this IPA is extremely dry, having zero residual sugar leftover. This style is characterized by a huge hop flavor and aroma with damn near no bitterness considering that the hop additions are typically all on the cold side. Basically, brewers keep the bitterness low by minimizing the boil hops and once the fire is turned off they hop the daylights out of the beer.

In creating the Brut IPA, some brewers are using a chemical used to help ferment stouts a little bit more so that they aren’t as sweet. By eliminating all of the residual sugars, the dryness opens up the hop flavors and aromas to the maximum potential.

Now, a year later the style is continuing to thrive.  On Tuesday, Founders Brewing Co. announced Civilized Brut, will become its first seasonal release of 2020.

Civilized Brut is brilliantly bubbly, refreshingly crisp and stunningly clear, similar to a fine Brut Champagne. Designed for a more sophisticated IPA drinker, it has a clean and restrained bitterness. The clarity and malt sweetness allow the hop notes to tantalize your senses in a bold yet never-overpowering way.

“Nothing says refreshment like a dry, sparkling, hop-forward IPA,” said Brewmaster, Jeremy Kosmicki. “Civilized Brut has just the right amount of bitterness and hop flavor to not overwhelm the clean and dry finish of this beer, while the high effervescence makes it feel like a party in every sip.”

“As the majority of brewers are introducing hazy, New England Style IPAs in the market, we have decided to take another road,” said President Dave Engbers. “Civilized Brut is a crystal-clear IPA that’s bursting with effervescence and elegant aromatics. Perfect for champagne and IPA aficionados alike.”

Civilized Brut (6% ABV) will begin shipping in November 2019. It will be available in 6-pack cans, 15-pack cans and on draft across the brewery’s distribution footprint, which now includes 50 states. Civilized Brut will precede Pilsner and Mosaic Promise in the brewery’s 2020 seasonal lineup, with more details to come on the 2020 brand calendar later this year.

Where to Find Founders in St. Louis

According to the beer finder page on, their beer can be located at over 300 stores within 50 miles of downtown St. Louis. Odds are you already know it’s at your favorite bottle shop, but here’s the link if you need to check for sure. Or if you would like to check from any other city.

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