Normal, Illinois’ own DESTIHL Brewery expanding distribution to California

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If you have attended any beer festival in St. Louis in the past few years, odds are you’ve sampled the crafted work of some pretty remarkable brewers based just over two-hours away from downtown, in Normal, Illinois. That is where you’ll find the DESTIHL Brewery.

And now, if you have friends out west, you should alert them that they too, will soon be able to sample this beer, because DESTIHL will now be distributing some of its beers to California for the first time, starting in the San Diego market.

In May 2017, DESTIHL opened its new production facility in Normal, Illinois. “Our larger brewery has allowed us to grow beer wholesales by an average annual rate of 52% (or 42% annually by volume) since opening, and we are still holding strong at 30% growth in 2019,” said Co-Founder, CEO and Brewmaster, Matt Potts. “Maintaining growth at several times the craft beer industry growth rate is very challenging in this increasingly competitive market, but we continue to achieve growth with quality, innovative brands and by getting stronger in our regional market while also expanding our overall distribution footprint.”

“Beginning distribution in California is an awesome opportunity, enabling us to meet demand in a very important market, and we see a bright future where DESTIHL beers are welcomed into the highly developed but exciting and innovative West Coast craft beer scene.  To make this happen, we’ve teamed up with Brown Bag Beverage for distribution in the San Diego market,” continued Potts.  “The Brown Bag team has a great track record of supporting and growing craft brands.”

Beers from DESTIHL’s WiLD SOUR Series, the DeadHead IPA Series and other core offerings are available on shelves and draft lines now.  Beers primed for release include the following:

  • WiLD SOUR Series (12 oz. cans & draft) – Here Gose Nothin’, Flanders Red, Cranberry Criek and the ‘Wild Pack’, which is a variety 12-pack of DESTIHL’s industry-changing sour beers;
  • DeadHead IPA Series– Touch of Haze Hazy IPA (cans & draft) and Funkengruven Tart NEIPA with Grapefruit (draft only)
  • DESTIHL Core Brands (12 oz. cans & draft) – Moonjumper Milk Stout

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