4204 debuts new Exclusive Beer Society

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One of the things I hope to afford soon is the pleasure of purchasing memberships for some of the local beer societies that have been opening up to the public lately.  One of the newest is debuting from 4204 Main Street Brewing Company in Belleville, Illinois.  Along with membership, a limited amount of gold and silver coins will be made available to members.

This society is broken into two tiers.  The Silver Tier will feature 200 minted and serialized membership coins, which when presented by a member will allow you your first round of beer, for free for life at any 4204 location, as well as a 20% discount on merch.  The price for this tier is $500.00

The Gold Tier features 100 minted and serialized membership coins, first beer for life, 20% merchandise discount, a legacy coin that is transferable one generation, VIP at all functions, automatic seating at all venues, sample new releases before they’re released to the public, and an invitation to annual society party.  The cost of this tier is $1,000.

If you’re interested in the Exclusive Beer Society, call 805-708-3292 and ask for Rebecca.

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