Today in Beer & Whiskey and Wine

Today in St. Louis beer and whiskey for June 2

Today’s writing beer: Stubborn German Brewing Company‘s Social Distance Party Pale Ale. Here is what I found today that every beer and whiskey lover in St. Louis needs to know. 2nd Shift Makes A Statement […]


St. Louis breweries debuting new style Brut IPAs

New beer styles don’t come along every day, so when I first saw a beer called a Brut IPA, I needed to know more. I reached out to Rob Abel, head brewer at Ferguson Brewing and asked […]


February is Stout month at 4204 Main Street Brewing

Stout lovers are starting to feel the buzz.  February is their month. Winter clearly isn’t moving out of our area and as predicted, Puxatony Phil gave us six more weeks of winter (BEERS), so might […]


Drink beer, help out a playground

The drive to Festus is a straight shot down I-55 south from downtown St. Louis.  If you make the drive this Saturday, you will be rewarded my friends, rewarded indeed. Because if you do, you […]


Three new collabs to be exclusive to STL Brewers Heritage Festival

Three to be on the lookout for are from three local breweries, Square One Brewery & Distillery, 4204 Main Street Brewing Company and Griesedieck Brothers Brewery in partnership with our town’s biggest and oldest brewer, Anheuser-Busch. […]