How I rediscovered sours and where you can taste 8 of the best

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Sour beers have been commercially available in the U.S for nearly 50 years, but have been in existence for much longer.  But my introduction to them, admittedly, did not go well. I think now, my tongue and my palate were just not prepared.

Then this happened.  I was sitting at the beer bar at Whole Foods in the Central West End.  Molly was behind the bar as I perused the on-tap list, deciding on Urban Chestnut’s Mercator.  The funny thing is I ordered it not really knowing what it was, or perhaps I thought I was ordering something else, but the reality was I just ordered a sour.

I learned this just moments before my first sip, as I rushed to take a picture for my UnTappd check in. In doing so, I learned that Mercator was indeed a sour, or more specifically a Flemish Sour.

My re-introduction to sours went much better this time, as I think I learned how to drink them.  For me, sours are to be sipped, not drunk, like taking small bites from a delicious meal.  The pleasure in the sour is in the swallow and this is where you determine your love or non-love for a sour.

Why is this important?  For me it’s because, while I know one person cannot love everything they drink, it is possible and much more fun to be able to appreciate everything they drink.  So, rediscovering a huge new style of beers, makes drinking them and writing about them much more enjoyable.

Now, our friends at Global Brewing Brew House in O’Fallon, Illinois are bringing 8 of the best sours to town for a tasting event Sour Night at Global Brew – O’Fallon!

On Friday, February 17th they’re bringing you a night of the tartest, funkiest beers they could get their hands on! Here’s a look at what will be on tap:

o The Bruery Oude Tart
o Bruery Tart of Darkness
o Cascade Brewery The Vine
o New Holland Brewing Co. Incorrigible Reserve
o Upland Brewing Company Darken
o Upland Revise
o Avery Brewing Company Barrel Aged Raspberry Sour
o Lost Abbey Red Poppy


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