Winery Showcase |Red Moose Vineyard makes wine a family affair

7499676_origAlong my journey, I have discovered some fairly amazing destinations. Some of my absolute favorites are those that are the products of a family’s hard work. Many establishments that have their roots in family are those that make the most genuine and beautiful impression.  Red Moose Vineyard is a product of the hard work and dedication of the Leitner family.

The beginnings of this winery come from the love and passion of brothers Red and Moose. Their hard work, along with that of their wives Kathy and Zimm have grown Red Moose to be one of the most amazing establishments that I have had the pleasure to visit.

The journey began for the Leitners back in 2006. They have toiled for years to make everything just perfect. Red Moose opened in 2015, and since then, they have grown to have a real wonderful reputation. A reputation that is built; not only on their quality and delicious wine but also on their down home family hospitality. The building and grounds are warm and inviting. Stacy and I visited the winery on a chilly day in February but the warm smiles of Kathy and Zimm made it feel like a spring day.

​The wine at Red Moose is just as spectacular as the building and the hospitality. If you like dry or sweet or something in between, they have your palate covered. For the dry selection, I would recommend the Limberlost. This is a tremendous white wine with fresh and clean flavors. This wine goes perfectly with most any meal but it would also be perfect for sipping on a hot summer day. I also want to mention that the dry red drinkers won’t be disappointed. They have three distinct and unique selections for your palate as well.​

853284_origThey also have you covered if you have a sweet palate too. The Sweet Crater Red and the Meteorwhite are fantastic sweet selections. The sweetness is delicate and refreshing in both offerings without ever being too much. My personal favorite though, is the Meteorwhite but that’s because of a personal preference and has nothing to do with the quality of the wine.

​If you like things in the middle you won’t be disappointed either. The 38th parallel is a semi-sweet red that is a real palate pleaser and full of fruit flavor. I also must say that the Savanna Springs offers something really beautiful to those that like semi-sweet whites. Anything that you select is sure to hit the spot.

​Red Moose is the kind of place that makes a lasting impression. You may never have heard of the sleepy Missouri town of Salem, MO, but since it is the home of Red Moose Vineyard, it is time you plan a trip to the region. One visit to Red Moose just isn’t enough; I promise you that as soon as you pull onto the grounds you will see the love and pride that the family has poured into their winery.

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