4 Hands announces new Chocolate Milk Stout Variety Pack, expansion plans

4 Hands announces new Chocolate Milk Stout Variety Pack, expansion plans


It’s been a big week for 4 Hands Brewing Company with two big announcements. Let’s start with the beer.

With Halloween in the rearview mirror, St. Louis craft beer fans have many things to look forward to. Specifically, the annual arrival of 4 Hands Brewing’s Chocolate Milk Stout variety pack. This yearly release of new variants of their flagship stout is practically a holiday tradition now.

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The 2022 edition should take you straight back in time, to those good ole Saturday mornings in front of the TV and your favorite bowl of cereal.  This year’s Chocolate Milk Stout Variety Pack features delicious, nostalgic tributes to three breakfast cereals we all knew and loved (or still love!) in a mixed nine-pack with three 16. oz cans of each variation.

Cinnamon and Sugar – cacao nibs, cinnamon, extra lactose

Cocoa Bites – three varieties of cacao nibs, lactose

Fruity Flakes – cacao nibs, citrus and berries

How to get some

The first 9-packs will be available for purchase at the brewery this Friday, November 4. The brewery will open at noon, and you can also enjoy all three beers on tap on the second floor. In the coming weeks, nine-packs will land on store shelves

Expansion Plans Announced

4 Hands Brewing Company is officially expanding its footprint in South St. Louis. The expansion plans include a new beer garden as well as expanded brewing and distilling facilities.

“We are happy to announce we have purchased our building as well as the adjacent building currently occupied by The Pump Shop, Missouri Machinery and Engineering Co. This purchase will allow 4 Hands to grow into an extra 25,000 square feet,” said Kevin Lemp, owner of 4 Hands. “We have worked extremely closely with the Pump Shop over the last 11 years and are excited for their next chapter at their new location. This transition is a win-win.”

The 25,000-square-foot expansion will be broken up in the following ways:

6,000 square feet will be used to:

  • New packaging department with upgraded equipment including a new 12-head rotary, counter pressure canning line.
  • Larger fermentation and hold vessels for brewery and packaging efficiency.
  • Smaller fermenters and holding tanks to focus on innovation.

3,000 square feet will be used to increase distillery operations in order to improve efficiency.

The remainder will be used for raw material storage and office space as well as the beer garden. Construction will begin before the end of the year.

“Our goal is to start to build out the beer garden in the back of the property by the middle of 2023. We do not have an opening date to report on the beer garden at this time,” said Lemp. “We are unbelievably excited to continue to grow our family of brands in the LaSalle Park Neighborhood. We are hyper-passionate about the City of St. Louis and proud to be able to improve a major intersection connecting Soulard to Busch Stadium.”

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