Main & Mill’s OktoberFestus is back

Main & Mill’s OktoberFestus is back

It seems Oktoberfest beers are showing up earlier and earlier each year, but who’s complaining, right. One of my favorite Octoberfest beers is OktoberFestus from Denny Foster and his team and Main & Mill Brewing Co.

I love this beer for two reasons. First, it’s a great example of what I like in a fall beer; clean and crisp, with malt all day. Second, there really is no more perfect name for an Octoberfest beer than OctoberFestus.

“We had been doing an Oktoberfest since we opened our brewpub. When we decided on doing a Street Festival to celebrate our 1st Anniversary we had decided to call it OktoberFestus before realizing a small local non-profit started planning an event with that name…so we decided to name our OktoberFest beer OktoberFestus rather than our street festival,” said Foster.

The Beer

Not all Oktoberfest beers are alike. What makes this beer unique to me is its maltiness. This is a beer with body. It has heart.

The label art also stands out. The blue and white colors signify the true spirit of traditional German festivals, namely, harmony and peace. This art was done by Mary Foster, who does most of Main & Mill’s label art and design work.

Foster says OktoberFestus remains the brewery’s most popular beer since they started canning and one they are very proud of overall.

Tasting Notes

  • Visual: dark copper, clear
  • Aroma: toast, toffee
  • Flavor: bready, almost pretzel like with a caramel/toffee finish
  • Mouthfeel: slightly full for the style
  • Body: heavy for the style but still approachable for a daily drinker
  • Ingredients: malt, hops, yeast, water
  • Yeast: house
  • Hops: willamette
  • Malt: pilsner, munich, caramel 60, DRC, chocolate malt

Food Pairings:

  • Cuisine: fish and chips, pizza, bbq


  • Anywhere that buys from Craft Republic plus their brewpub and online store
  • Format:  16oz cans, 4-packs
  • Glassware:  It tastes great in every glass…looks incredible in a pilsner style glass but tastes even better in das boot.
  • Serving Temp: 45 degrees


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