1st Annual International & Craft Beer Festival takes over weekends at City Museum

1st Annual International & Craft Beer Festival takes over weekends at City Museum

As a young father in the 2000s, and a member of the City Museum, I learned quickly how beer friendly the “children’s museum” was. It was something that all new dad’s at the time quietly knew, and it proved to be that extra think that kept you going after having to crawl on your knees into the tunnels to pull out your screaming kid.

On the first floor you had the Cabin Inn, a  19th-century cabin with a full bar serving wine slushies and a wide selection of beer and spirits and was open year-round. On the third floor, you have my personal favorite, Beatnik Bob’s, where there is also a full bar, specialty cocktails and an extensive local beer selection. And of course the Rooftop cafe with more local beer.

That said, the City Museum is truly upping its craft beer game with the debut of the 1st Annual International & Craft Beer Festival on Friday, September 2. The festival continues during each weekend in September as they celebrate a different beer theme each weekend. The calendar appears fluid, as more breweries are added to the calendar. Here is the latest, and I’ll try to update this as I learn more.


Summer Ales & American Craft brews

Beer Tastings at the following times:

Hot Dog specials, Corn on the Cob, & Ice Cream Sammiches

Corn Hole

  • 9/3 12pm-4pm
  • Free to participate with General Admission


German Beers

Brats, Sauerkraut & German Potato Salad

Beer slide

Strolling accordionist


American Lagers & IPAs

Pretzels with Beer Cheese

Singer-Songwriter & Guitarist on the Patio


Mexican brews such as Modelo, Victoria, Pacifico

Street Tacos & Empanadas (FINGERS CROSSED)

Mariachi performance at 2pm on September 24

Latin Pop music: Menudo, Enrique Iglesias, and More


English & Irish Ales and Guinness Stouts, New Castle Werewolf

Bangers & Mash

Irish Rock & English Punk: The Clash meets The Cranberries (RIP)

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