An ode to Dave Johnson, as Missouri Beer Company closes its doors

An ode to Dave Johnson, as Missouri Beer Company closes its doors

Missouri Beer Company, which opened in June of 2017 is closing down according to a post on Facebook made Monday afternoon.

“We are sorry to announce that we are shutting down the brewery after this weekend. We had a blast serving all our fans and friends over the last 5+ years. We thank all the people who supported us and are very grateful for your business. We have met some really fantastic people that we now call friends. Come join us for the last week culminating on Sunday with our last Chiefs game and potluck.”

Missouri Beer Company

The Missouri Beer Company is located in the original O’Fallon Brewing Company at 22 W. Industrial Drive in O’Fallon. At first, they opened a production-only facility but opened a tasting room shortly after where they offer full pours, tasters, growler, and crowler fills and swag.

Founded by Dan Stauder, Dave Johnson, and Tom Stauder, the three were staples at local beer festivals and are, in my opinion, became a force in delivering consistently good beer to our town.

Dave Johnson

I first met owner Dave Johnson at the 2018 St. Louis Brewers Heritage Festival down on the Mississippi River. From then on, I would see him often and would always make sure to try something new he had brewed. Aside from brewing two of my all-time favorite beers “Red Rye IPA” and “Berliner Weisse” Johnson was also a teacher. In June of 2020, I was expanding my beer palette and wanted to know more about the “Berliner Weisse” I was enjoying one afternoon. I reached out to Johnson to try and get a better understanding of the style, and his version of it, and he responded immediately.

He was clearly working but took the time to explain the style and introduce me to something called “kettle souring.” I had never heard of it, and now 2 years later, I can’t get enough.

In the course of the conversation, this seasoned brewer took the time to explain the process to a beer writer, and I learned a lot that day.

“You have to mash and lauter one day, cool it down, and pitch the lacto when the temperature is right. Then it has to sit overnight to sour, this can take 12 hours or longer. When the Ph is the level I want it then you boil it to kill the Lacto and sterilize the wort.”

Hopefully, Dave Johnson will be checking the Ph levels and killing the Lacto again someday soon.

(I reached out to Dave, and If I hear back with any more news, I’ll be sure post.)

Missouri Beer Company

22 West Industrial Drive,
O’Fallon, MO 63366
Phone: (636) 294-6672

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