Beers We Love: Red Rye IPA from Missouri Beer Company

Beers We Love: Red Rye IPA from Missouri Beer Company

I am still trying to get my brain wrapped around Rye style beers. I think the thought of rye or pumpernickel¬†flavoring that I associate with bagels and corned-beef sandwichs throws me off.¬† But, after a few good tries, I’m now at peace with this genre and am finding some really good ones.

The Rye literally does add a bit of the flavor I’ll describe as pumpernickel.¬† It also adds a bit of kick or spice and can give the beers an extra reddish hue, which is nice. One Rye, I’ve been spending some time with recently is the Red Rye IPA from the Missouri Beer Company.

The Missouri Beer Company is located in the original O’Fallon Brewing Company at¬†22 W. Industrial Drive in O’Fallon. At first, they opened a production only facility, but have since opened a tasting room where they offer full pours, tasters, growler and crowler fills and swag.

Founded by Dan Stauder, Dave Johnson, and Tom Stauder, the three are staples at local beer festivals and are, in my opinion, becoming a force in delivering consistently good beer to our town. I asked Dave Johnson about Red Rye IPA.


Why did you decide to make this beer?
I love Rye beers. I have brewed quite a few of them over the years, but this one is my best and my favorite).¬† It is the same Rye IPA I brewed at Buffalo Brewing. It was our best seller and we couldn’t make it fast enough, we always ran out before the next batch was done. So I revived it at my brewery.

What inspired it?
It was partially inspired by Founders Red Rye, but not a clone. It has a different character all its own.

What’s in this beer?
It is made with 25% Rye malt with 1/3 of the Rye being Crystal Rye Malt. There isn’t any other Crystal malt in it for color.¬† Along with the Columbus hops, I use some German Hallertau Hersbrucker that contributes to the earthy flavor. It is a Red IPA, so if you take away the large Whirlpool hop, and dry hop additions it’s basically a Red or Amber Ale, so it has a little more malt sweetness.

Tasting Notes:
On the pour, you’ll get a glass filled with dark amber with a hint of red in the hue.¬† Pours a bit hazy.

On the nose, it’s dank and resinous from the Columbus with some lingering rye spice.

On the first sip, you’ll get all the spicy rye malt with a slight caramel sweetness, bitter-citrus hop flavor with a more than slight earthiness.


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