The story behind Millpond’s “Cheeseburgers on Draft”

The story behind Millpond’s “Cheeseburgers on Draft”

There are three good ways to hook a beer fan. The first is to create really great beer. If the beer is crap, it doesn’t matter about numbers 2 or 3. The second is creative can art. The eyeball is now very much in play because with so much product on the shelves, everyone is competing to get you to just look at them.  And third, a great, creative, out-of-the-box name. This is why I wanted to tell you the story of Millpond Brewing’s new “Cheeseburgers on Draft.”

The backstory

Millpond owner and head brewer Bryan Schubert was in search of a new brite tank, one that was smaller and could be used to condition and carbonate his barrel-aged beers. A brewery called White Oak, which is located in Normal, Illinois, happened to have one for sale. The deal was made.

“When we went to pick it up we traded beer. We both loved the beer that the other was producing, and kept in touch, this collab has been a long time coming, and we are very excited for everyone to try it,” said Schubert.

The beer

This IPA received a heavy dose of Mackinac, Motueka, and El Dorado in the kettle. Then it is double dry-hopped with the same hop combination.

On the pour, you’ll see straw to pale gold with a tad bit of cloudiness. On the nose, it delivers hefty citrus, with fruit punch, and slight dank aromas. On the tongue look for lots of juicy goodness with citrus and some dankness carrying through to the flavor alongside tropical fruit, with the slightest touch of malt sweetness

The Can

The designer is the same for all of Millpond’s labels. But this time Tim Bottchen did not use the traditional Millpond ‘river table” label design, but instead took inspiration from White Oaks’ labels, and even added a touch of a sesame seed bun.

“This is without a doubt the most “colorful” label we have ever created,” said Schubert. “We plan to head to Normal for the second part of the collab and their design will be inspired by our “river table” artwork.

The Name

“Haha, well, beer names like this come about when you have a little too much fun hanging out with friends from White Oak Brewing and Triptych Brewing at the Illinois Craft Brewers Conference,” said Schubert, which means we need to use our imagination.


“Cheeseburgers on Draft” are available at the brewery, on draft, and in 4-pack cans.

Millpond Brewing & Incubator
308 E Washington St.
Millstadt, IL 62260

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