Rockwell debuts two new Fruited Polymath brews

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Rockwell debuts new two new Fruited Polymath

The two new versions released this week at Rockwell Beer, are two beers the team has been looking forward to creating since they began were brewing test batches in carboys.

Using a blend of mature Polymath, Rockwell’s mixed-fermentation spelt saison, they refermented it on copious amounts of fruit for 6 months before naturally conditioning the beer in package for an additional 3 1/2 months. The result brings the vibrancy of the fruit to the forefront without stepping on the complexity of the underlying beer. The acidity is bright yet balanced, which invites revisiting.

“We spent a lot of time and effort getting these beers right,” posted the brewery on Instagram. “And we’re excited to share them with you in cans, which we feel is a great package, especially for summer trips and gatherings.”

There are two variants in the Fruited Polymath family. Raspberry Peach Polymath, inspired by @of.shelbs’ peach melba pie, which is damn fine desserts rings in at  7% ABV. As does the Blackberry Plum Polymath, inspired by sangria and racy acid-forward red wines served chilled.

Both beers are available now in 4 pack cans and on draft.

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