Crossroads Brewery is a new place where beer paths converge

Crossroads Brewery is a new place where beer paths converge

Crossroads Brewery is a new place where beer paths converge

The intersection of beer and brotherhood.  This is the motto behind our area’s newest brewery, Crossroads, which actually opened back in February in O’Fallon,Mo.

The motto sums up the idea of creating a welcoming environment where customers can meet to share their passion for craft beer. The owners keep the importance of community at the forefront of their operation.

The Backstory

Crossroads Brewery is a collaboration of three owners with a shared passion for quality craft beer. Todd Brenningmeyer, co-owner, and head brewer, began brewing more than 25 years ago and has sampled beers throughout the world while working as an archaeologist.

“I had some really good Belgian beer while working in Northern Greece a few years ago and some fantastic Hefeweizen near Stuttgart on my way back from an archaeological conference,” said Brenningmeyer. “I modeled our Hefe on my memories of the fresh Hefeweizens I tasted in Germany.”

Marc Hagan and Kirk Dickinson, co-owners and businessmen likewise explored the craft beer industry while engaged in various businesses.  The two purchased the popular homebrew shop (Design2Brew) about five years ago and it is here that the three met. Todd, Marc, and Kirk first discussed the possibility of opening a brewery in 2018 and two years later this became a reality.

The Name

Crossroads are places where paths converge.  In a literal sense, the brewery is at the crossroads of the major interstates and highways in the area (64, 70, 364), but it’s also a place where our interests, friends, and love of beer converge.

The Beer

To start, the taproom is the only way to try their beers until a distribution plan arrives. Currently, the brewery has a 30 tap system, featuring 15 Crossroads brews, along with 12 guest taps, 2 wine options and cider. They even have a nice collection of whiskey if you’re in a sipping mood.

You’ll find a wide variety of styles, as the brewery does not focus on one particular style, but rather wants to provide multiple options that are approachable but offer unique and clean flavors and aroma. “Again, the idea is to bring people together in their enjoyment of beer,” said Brenningmeyer. The brewery also sells growler fills! 32 and 64-ounce growlers of beer can be filled for enjoyment at home and they now have their own logo growlers in the taproom!

Here’s a look at 5 brews from Crossroads robust beer menu.

Huge Hefe
Style: Hefeweizen. ABV: 6.4%. IBU: 12.7. SRM: 3.8
This is a German Hefeweizen with notes of clove and light banana with hints of vanilla and nutmeg.

Just The Sip
Style: Wee-Heavy. ABV: 9.9%. IBU: 27. SRM: 19
This is a smooth, slightly sweet beer with low bitterness and complex notes of caramel and light fruity esters with a deep malt backbone.

Style: NEIPA. ABV: 7.22%. IBU: 33. SRM: 5.2
Introducing our newest IPA. This beer is a hazy, smooth, NEIPA with a slight hop bite and lots of citrus, mango, and tangerine character. What time is it? It’s Party!Party! Time.

Union Trenches
Style: West Coast IPA. ABV: 8%. IBU: 69. SRM: 6.9
This is a traditional West Coast Imperial IPA with pronounced hop bitterness and citrus flavor.

Campground Brown
Style: American Brown. ABV: 5.3%. IBU 24. SRM: 2.2
This was brewed on our system by our friend Colin Smith of Broken Tackle Brewery. The beer is a smooth, well-balanced, malt forward, easy drinking American Brown.

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Crossroads Brewery is a new place where are beer paths converge

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