Tapped, St. Louis’ only self-pour craft beer bar is back open

Tapped, St. Louis’ only self-pour craft beer bar is back open.

Some great news to report, just in time for the Memorial Day weekend. Tapped, located at 7278 Manchester Road in Maplewood re-opened for the first time since March of 2020. Right now, owner Lindsay Reel says the plan is start slowly, opening just on Friday’s and Saturdays from 5 to 11 p.m., and add more hours as they add staff.

“We closed mid-March. St. Louis County would not allow self-serve/self-pour until recently so we were not able to open our dining room,” said Reel. “We did carryout for a few months but it was very hit or miss so we decided to wait it out until we could fully re-open.”

In normal times, Tapped offers 48 taps, with 39 beers, 8 wines and one coffee. But, for now, they will offer an abbreviated number of beers and wines on top until they can add more days and hours of service. Expect about 20 beers on tap for now.

Tapped is also a restaurant, and Reel believes they’ll have the majority of their menu available, including their popular Wood-Fired Pizza! “We will add more menu items once we are open additional business hours,” said Reel. “Some menu items have been harder to source through our food vendors, we are finding temporary replacement and working through it.”
Instead of a wristband, customers will have the option for an RFID card that turns on the tap and they can use it to pour to instead of touching the tap with their hands. Plexiglass barriers have been set up, and seating at the bar is temporarily closed. Grabbing a fresh glass for every pour is mandatory.

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Tapped, St. Louis’ only self-pour craft beer bar is back open.