Newest 2nd Shift, Modern collab released Wednesday

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Newest 2nd Shift, Modern collab released Wednesday

Located just about a half-mile apart, the distance is symbolic of just how close 2nd Shift Brewing and Modern Brewery have become during this recent jaunt of collaboration releases.

I described Home And Away as the finest Hazy IPA 2nd Shift had ever brewed, BEFORE knowing it was a collaboration beer. Then the two breweries knocked it out again with Home And Away 2.

Now, their next release is out, another IPA, called To Brighter Days.

“Volume 1, or our rotating collaboration beer series with breweries who have brightened our days in 2020 and beyond,” writes 2nd Shift today on Instagram.

Described as a tropical IPA and brewed with fruit-forward tropical hops such as Sequoia and Zambia, look for bright pineapple, melon, and lime on the nose that gives away to a bold, crisp West Coast IPA-ish body.

You can order yours online.

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Newest 2nd Shift, Modern collab released Wednesday

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