Side Project’s Stout Week begins February 4th

Side Project’s Stout Week begins February 4th

Maybe it’s my new lease on life, or that I can’t drink as much beer as I once did, but the stouts I’ve been enjoying this winter just seem to taste better than in past years. The fullness of the beer holds a bit longer, the malts and the barley’s just seem roastier. Each just feels more luxurious, smoother, creamier and velvetier than before.  Bottom line, stouts have just been good to me this winter.

And, now it’s time to celebrate some of the best stouts to come out of St. Louis. Few do them as well as Cory King and Side Project Brewing, which are known beer-world-wide for its deliciously rich imperial stouts including the immensely popular Derivation and Beer: Barrel: Time.

Stout Week, at the Side Project Cellar and Side Project Brewing Tasting Room, kicks off Tuesday, Feb. 4th and continues all week, featuring special draft tapping times. The following times and tappings will take place at the Cellar unless otherwise noted.

Tuesday, Feb 4th at 3 pm:

  • Side Project Derivation Blend #11
  • Plus other delicious Stouts from some of our favorite breweries/

Wednesday, Feb. 5th

3 pm:

  • Shared Ambiente
  • Shared Morning Vibes


  • Shared Barrel-Aged Coconut Vibes

Thursday, Feb. 6th:


  • Side Project 5 Candles


  • Side Project 6 Candles

Friday, Feb. 7th at 1pm:


  • Side Project Beer : Barrel : Time 2017


  • Side Project Beer : Barrel : Time 2018


  • Side Project Beer : Barrel : Time 2019

Saturday, Feb. 8th at BOTH LOCATIONS:


  • Side Project Derivation Blend #10

3pm: Side Project Derivation Blend #13

Sunday, Feb. 9th at 12pm at the Brewery Tasting Room:

  • Side Project Double Barrel Derivation 2016
  • Side Project Apple Brandy Derivation

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