Ska Brewing debuts varietal 12-pack featuring 3 new flavors of the hard seltzer

Ska Brewing debuts varietal 12-pack featuring 3 new flavors of the hard seltzer

Ska Brewing, out of Durango, Colorado and distributed in St. Louis by Major Brands, is entering 2020 as the newest member of the low-calorie beverage revolution. The brewery will debut three new hard seltzer flavors and debut a 12-pack of these cans across the brewery distribution footprint in the coming weeks.

Seltzer, according to the feds, is still considered to be a “beer.” This “non-beer beer,” as Ska Co-Founder and CEO Dave Thibodeau calls it, is a response to much of the staff requesting a clear and refreshing beverage. “Beer is the driving force of Ska and our true first love,” Thibodeau says. “But the Crossfit kids on our sales team swear we’d be remiss not to offer their keto companions a low-carb alternative to one of the world’s oldest and most delicious beverages.”

The Hard Seltzer from Ska Brewing will be available in Hibiscus Lime, Black Raspberry, and Blood Orange flavors. These gluten-free and low-sugar hard seltzers will be packaged in 12-ounce cans, and only available as a 12-pack for the time being. They contain only 100 calories and 2 grams of sugar per can, and they weigh in at 5% ABV.

“I won’t lie that we thought seltzer brewing would be easy,” Thibodeau admits. “Turns out it was much more difficult than we imagined. It took a lot of Mod System batches to nail down our process in the brewhouse to achieve these flavors. I think I’ve tasted more seltzer in the last year than I think I might consume throughout the rest of my life.”

“We’re stoked to offer our customers so many new options,” Thibodeau adds. “Now you can grab a 6-pack of non-alcoholic Skagua to bring home for your kids, and once they go to bed, grab another and mix up a refreshing nightcap with your favorite locally produced spirit!”

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