Wood Hat set to release its first ‘Missouri Bourbon’, but what is that?

Wood Hat set to release its first ‘Missouri Bourbon’, but what is that?

Wood Hat releasing their first ‘Missouri Bourbon’

It goes without saying, that when anyone thinks of American whiskey, or more specifically where it comes from, they think of Tennessee and Kentucky.  But, that is all about to change because you’ll soon be able to sip on a glass of classified Missouri Bourbon Whiskey.

In the last Missouri legislative session, a group called the Missouri Craft Distillers Guild submitted a bill that would create a unique class of spirits called Missouri Bourbon Whiskey—and it passed. Missouri Governor Mike Parson signed it into law this summer.

To qualify as “Missouri Bourbon” or “Missouri Bourbon Whiskey”—and be labeled as such—the product has to meet the following conditions:

  1. The product must be mashed, fermented, distilled, aged and bottled in Missouri
  2. The product must be aged in oak barrels manufactured in Missouri
  3. All corn used in the mash must be Missouri-grown corn
  4. Distilled at less than 160 proof; barrelled at less than 125 proof, and bottled at least 80 proof
“We wanted to be very transparent about Missouri Bourbon; unlike other states which can qualify with very little of the process actually accomplished in that state,” said Gary Hinegardner, the man in the wooden hat, from Wood Hat Spirits. “For many a year now virtually all bourbon has been made in a Missouri barrel and a significant amount of the corn has come from Missouri. One would not expect a Missouri Bourbon made from #2 yellow corn made in Missouri to be significantly different than a bourbon made elsewhere. A craft distillery in Missouri using a pot still with different corn and better control over the process plus a little love has the potential of producing a superior bourbon.”

All of the new requirements begin Jan. 1, 2020.

Missouri has roughly 35 distilleries in the state, but not all of them make bourbon or will make Missouri bourbon. The legal right to have this designation is important so the public understands that bourbon can be made in Missouri and because the designation will have real meaning to the integrity of the label.

“It is a pride issue for many of us,” said Hinegardner. “In the alcohol business, there is so much deception as to who made it and where; we wanted to spell it out and not leave room for deception to creep in.”

Wood Hat’s First Missouri Straight Bourbon Whiskey

It will be called “Montgomery County – Missouri Straight Bourbon Whiskey.” Wood Hat is located in Montgomery County, Missouri, about 70 miles west of St. Louis.  The whiskey should be ready for release on the weekend of January 11-12. More information to be provided as it becomes available.

“It is the same Montgomery County bourbon we have made for the last 5 years and is available all over St. Louis, and contains some 5-year-old whiskey,” said Hinegardner.  “It is the same corn we grow here in the county (#2 yellow) which is the common corn used in all Bourbon.  The barrel will also be from the same Missouri white oak used in all bourbons.”

“We did it all here in Montgomery County,” said a proud Hinegardner. “From planting the seed to putting the label on the bottle.”

Tasting Notes

  • Type: Wheated Yellow corn bourbon
  • Proof:100
  • Aroma: Forward mellowed oak followed by toasted brown sugar
  • Taste: Typical vanilla and caramels
  • Finish: Smooth and nutty with a light Missouri hug at the end.

It is very characteristic of a high end wheated bourbon but smoother on both ends. For a 100 proof bourbon, it is really smooth.

We are proud that most serious bourbon fans recognize it as a wheated bourbon that is done exceptionally well.

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Wood Hat releasing first ‘Missouri Bourbon’

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